Mountain Adventures - peak Communism

Google Earth's 3D model of Central Pamir unique climbing «stadium» where one can do higher altitude climbing in alpine style. Climbing one after another peak Vorobiev — 5691m and peak Chetyrekh — 6299m climber get acclimatization to attempt peak Korjenevskoy  — 7105 m. Climbing  peak Korjenevskoy  gives good chance to succeed to climb peak Communism — 7495m.

At 1999 that great peak was given a new name –Ismail Samani or Ismoil Somoni.

From Google Earth User Guide:  you can tour items in your Places listing by selecting the check box next to items you want to tour and clicking on the Play Tour button at the bottom of the Places panel. The tour begins playing in the 3D viewer, which flies to each location and stops for a period of time before flying to the next place in the list. To stop the tour, click the Stop Tour button beneath the Places listing. To pause or resume the tour, click the Play Tour button.