Mountain Adventures - peak Communism

Peak   Eugenii Korjenevskoy 7105,  Peak Korzhenevskaya 7105 , Peak Korzhenevskoy 7105 – from my point of view the name of that mountain is a VERY important as show us that LOVE has more power than any political strengths!!!   — The highest peak of URSS changed his name a good few times (as far as I know): Ouz-Terg, peak Garmo, peak Stalin, peak Communism, again peak Garmo and Ismail Samone now…. But since 1910 when Russian geographer L. Korjenevskiy (Korzhenevskiy) gave the name of his lovely wife – Eugenia Korjenevskaya to that peak it always stays peak E. Korzhenevskoy!!!!

That summit is very important for me, as I survived here great adventure of my life, doing at 7 February 1986 the FIRST winter climb of that mountain (as far as I know there was only ONE more winter climb of that peak)…

Pamirs, peak Korjenevskaya, aproach to camp 5800

Photos of  Pavel Chochia and Ksenia Sverdlova with consent of authors