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Top Sport Travel specializes on organization of active and sports tourism - Alpine Ski, Mountain Climbing, Ski and Ski-tour, Trekking and offers:

Alpine Ski in France, Scandinavia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Trekking and Mountain Expeditions to Nepal, and as well Climbing, Ski, Ski-tour and Trekking in Russia: Kareliya, Kola, Caucasus, Altai, Pamirs, Tien Shan and, certainly, city sightseeing programs in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

These travels are carried out already more than 20 years. They are developed by founders of TST - brothers Shoustrovs, long time working as mountain and alpine-ski guides in Russia and in many points of the world. Any tour and even a mountain expedition are prepared not only for the experienced travellers. They are intended for everybody, who does not have special limitations on health, who wishes to spent time actively and to feel himself the pioneer of the unknown. Here you are not a spectator only, you take part in its realisation, you become its the main participant.

The adventures were shared with first time amateurs and experts from Russia, France, Switzerland, England, USA, Spain, Italy, Australia, and we are happy, that all of them become our close friends, and many - our regular clients.

Our guides have rich travel experience, high professional level and necessary leader stage. Accompanying group, they promote success in every possible way, willingly share his experience and knowledge, and,
the most important, they reduce to minimum any risk elements, which are inevitably holders of such travels.
The tourist company Top Sport Travel licensed on realization of international tourist activity and registered in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has the right to invite a foreign tourist and to provide him the official letter for his visa support.

Contact information

40, ul. Radisheva
St. Petersburg, Russia, 191123

Phone: +7 (812) 740-1210 (multilines)
Fax: +7 (812) 320-0586

Mail: mail( at )tst.spb.ru