Prices for Altay trekking and climbing published



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Nice walks near Elbrus

Caucasus - nice walks near Elbrus

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World


Here’s a list of most expensive cities in the world. These expensive cities become that expensive for various reason. From the raise of currency value to the scarcity of the human need that provided by those cities. If you live in these cities, maybe you can consider moving to other cheaper cities. But if you have no choice or maybe get an order of relocation to these cities from your boss, then you have to be prepared to know how to live cheaper in these most expensive cities in the world.

Moscow is listed 3-rd......   :0    :(


Straight UP from the Saddle


Welcome to the VII international Elbrus Race on 25 August - 01 September 2012!!!



Dear participants of the competition!

We welcome you on Mount Elbrus in the period of the event!


VI International Elbrus Race was successefulyy carryed out on 20-24 September 2010!

Elbrus Race participant Abisalov Anatoly

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Adyr Su valley trekking and climbing routes


Adyr su mountaineering camp is located at altitude ~ 2350 m.  And what is great the only way to get to the valley is to use special car lift, so valley is not so frecently and easily visited! We could do a lot of nice walks and climbs around - see some of them