Mountain Adventures - the Caucasus

Avalanch from bezengui Face

These extraordinary mountains, many of which are over 5000 meters with great faces, make it one of the most fascinating mountain areas in the world. The Bezenghi Face, a knife-edge crest of twelve kilometers long, has six grandiose mountains: Lialver, 4350 m, one of the smallest and easiest peaks in the Face; the fantastic Mt. Gestola pyramid, 4860 m; the massive Mt. Katin, 4970 m; Mt. Dzhangi, 5049 m, which has three peaks over 5000 meters high; Shota Rustaveli peak, 4960 m; and Mt. Shkhara, 5068 m.

Просмотреть Bezengi Chegem Baksan на карте большего размера

The biggest in the Caucasus Bezenghi glacier begins from there to the Bezenghi Camp-refuges, 2200 m. To the East from the Camp strechs another mountain massif of 15 km long, Kundum-Mizhirghi with several peaks over 5000 m high: Mt.Koshtan-tau, 5151 m, Mt.Dykh-tau, 5204 m, Mt.Pushkin, 5100 m and Mt.Mizhirghi, 5025 m. This region called as the small Caucasian Himalaya has the great opportunity for climbing and trekking from June to September. An ascent to any summit over 5000 m requires the same attention and style as Himalayan geants. Now after some groups skitour becomes to be more and more popular, the skitour best season is from February to May. Approach to the Bezenghi Camp-Refuges from Mineralnye Vody airport is by car, via Nalchik city takes 5-6 hours. The Camp is situated on the joint point of the two main valleys.