Ski adventures - ski Caucasus

Pyatigosk, which means “Five Mountains Town”, is located at the foot of Caucasus Mountains at 500 meters altitude. Mt.Elbrus rises to the south of the Pyatigosk and as the weather is fine it is possible to take wonderful pictures, for example like this:

вид из окна гостиницы на эльбрус

Pyatigorsk is famous as one of the first spa in Russia. Members of the royal family and the nobles from all over the country came to this place to relax and to maintain their health, as one can find over 40 different mineral springs here. Terrain cures which means walking on moderately and gradually rising paths for promotion of health, originated in this region.

One of the most picturesque places in Pyatigorsk is located on the south slope of Mt.Mashuk. It is a natural (karst) cave called “Proval” (which means downwarping), 20 meters depth, with a sulphureous lake on the bottom. Small tunnel leads to “Proval”.

On the top of Mt.Mashuk the highest TV aerial in Europe was erected. There is also a scenic view point and it will take only 10 minutes to get there by cable way.

Over the last 10 years Pyatigorsk has turned to one of the most comfortable towns in Russia. There are several universities and many sanatoriums here.

The town is located only in 30 km from Mineralnye Vody airport which is very convenient. It is worth to spend final evening of the trip in Pyatigorsk. The main street of the town, nick-named Broadway, is of one and a half kilometers long succession of different cafes and restaurants, where students and holiday-makers usually relax and have a good time.