Volcano exploration - Kamchatka

day day program
Day 1 Arrival Petropavlovsk Kamchatski, Elizovo airport. Transfer. Hotel (double rooms, swimming pool of natural hot geothermal water) at Paratunka village. Night in the hotel.
Day 2 Bus transfer to the Central Kamchatka (approx. 9 hours) as far as Kozyrevsk, old Russian village with wooden houses typical for the Siberia. Accommodation at a guesthouse (rooms for 3).
Day 3 Helicopter to the foot of Kliutchevskaya Sopka (35 min.). Accommodation in tents, a wooden hut as a mess-room available. (in case of bad weather dormitory accommodation possible).
Day 4 Climbing Kliutchevskaya Sopka with an intermediary camp at the height of 2400 m.
Day 5 Climbing program.
Day 6 Climbing program.
Day 7 Climbing program.
Day 8 Climbing program. (In a case of an earlier ascent, additional opportunity to do a tour (18 km one way) approaching Bezymyanny, accommodation in tents. A wooden hut as a mess-room is available. Ascent to Bezymyanny. Return.)
Day 9 Climbing program.
Day 10 Reserve day in case of bad weather.
Day 11 Helicopter back to Kozyrevsk. Rest, accommodation at a guesthouse (rooms for 3).
Day 12 Bus transfer back to Paratunka. Hotel.
Day 13 Bus excursion in Petropavlovsk, visiting the bay of Avachinsky, to the observation point, visiting a salmon market. Evening party. Hotel.
Day 14 Transfer to Elizovo airport. Departure.